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Some things you probably won’t see on major news broadcasts:

Russian fighter jet passes within 20 ft of US surveillance plane over Black Sea.

Aetna’s Withdrawal From Exchanges Highlights Obamacare’s Inherent Problems

Largest US Solar Panel Maker Files for Bankruptcy

Even the South American indigenous peoples are on to the socialst/communists.

A jury found former Democratic Congresswoman  Corrine Brown guilty of wire fraud and conspiracy charges, in a case filed last year by the Department of Justice.

This is one you probably will see as it is so very important to the general piling on.  As if there is not enough griping at Trump CNN is appalled at his two scoops of ice cream.

American Greatness reacts to the black mindset on anything Obama. If you don’t know who he is, here is a bio He is a very distinguished black man.

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