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While the liberal media and democrats are still screaming over Comey N Korea is saying okay, maybe we can talk.

Second round of Somalis are deported.

This is seriously disturbed art. I didn’t even look through all of it, it is sickening and disgusting. Before the election there were many sites saying Tony Podesta, brother of John Podesta and many establishment Democrats, Clintons, and all were in a pedophile ring. I thought it was somewhat overblown rhetoric,  after seeing this, I am afraid I am convinced it was true. At least for the Podesta brothers.

Angry doctor on our health care costs.

The laughing stock media is full of itself.

I’m afraid I’ve let  you down, I missed the Racist Banana episode.  Follow the link in the story for the full banana truth.

The existential threat to Trump’s presidency,

Andrew C. McCarthy is definitely not in favor of a special prosecutor.

Deconstructing the Imperial Presidency – or the so called imperial presidency.

The American Left is talking itself into violence.  And smugly feeling extremely justified in such.

The excuses people make for child abuse are alarming.   Chris Christie is the PC governor who has gone off the rails in this and landed in  lala land.

Read this article and then see my comment under it on where the country is headed.

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