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There were provisional changes in that veto from Christie on the child bride law.

Guilty of Hate Until Proven Leftist  I fear for our country.  Most communist countries got that way by violence, not elections.

Good Riddance, James Comey, Obama’s Enabler.   A man committed to only his own interests.

The Media Finally Admit Obamacare is Collapsing.  I’m not sure that is true.

An Administrative Judge Has Pled Guilty in a Massive Fraud case,  There is a massive amount of money involved.

Why Are Democrats Afraid of an Election Integrity Commission?  That is an easy answer.  This has better information on those opposed to it.

If we want to win wars, we should stop being the world’s policeman. And defend ourselves instead. It’s from the middle of the essay but the point of the whole thing.  Read it all.

Trump Busted Buffets monopoly when he let that pipeline go through.

This is a wonderful interview of Victor Davis Hanson by Ginnie Thomas.  30 minutes of your time and well worth it.

This is some constitutional history I did not know.

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