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The Vietnam War, the liberals don’t like war,  (not that any of us do, but some of us realize when it is necessary) but FDR did know how to stir up patriotism once it happened.

I read all the way through this waiting to see what party this mayor belonged  to.  Of course, since I got all the way to the end and it wasn’t mentioned I was pretty sure I was right, it is mentio ned below the article.

Trump was a big hit in Saudi Arabia.  Bookie explains it better than I could ever hope to.  I watched his speech I watched an 8 minute video of the sword dance.  I watched a lot.  The King seemed to me to be delighted with Trump  and his people.  Watch the speech here, it’s long.  watch the sword dance,(this one is 12 minutes long)  look at the people’s faces, it could have been in a James Bond film, I was fascinated with the obvious security guards.  I was taken with the ancient tribal nature of the dance.  It was explained as a victory dance done after winning a war.  I hope we do win a war against terrorism. Here is a cartoon from the Saudi’s showing the lack of regard for Obama.

And  now he is in Israel, and they love him, too.  The plus, he flew there directly from Saudi Arabia in Air Force One.  Why does that mean a plus?  Here’s why.  Also see the discussion on this here.

Northern Hemisphere Winter Snow Cover Increasing  Along with this: “Mini Ice Age is here to stay,” says astrophysicist

CHOOSING SIDES: Berkeley Invited Pro-Terror Groups to Planned Forum on ‘Responding’ to Conservative Speakers.  from Instapundit.

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