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Just one of the crime stories you won’t see mentioned on cable news shows.

Obama spied on Americans for years.

With Friends like John McCain…….. we are all doomed.  Or with friends like this one who is damining with faint praise.    One question to you #nevertrumpers”: had a member of the preferred list of GOP candidates won the election against Hillary, would the left have acted any different?  

An Imam in New Haven, Connecticut, is facing deportation after being ordered for removal out of the U.S. for allegedly defrauding a foreign national visa program.

Outrageous voter fraud in Dallas County

They are getting the rest of the gang of terrorists, a family business.

It is not unreasonable to wonder whether Brennan followed the liberal media down a Russian rabbit-hole, where the absence of evidence would not end his suspicions.

What Trump’s Budget Plan really does.   More of the truth of it here.

A whistleblower has said the Obama Administration knew members of the immigrant surge were MS-13 gang members.  Why is that not being announced on very TV news show, the Washington Post and the New York Times?  Because it is not the story they want to tell.

The Manchester Police and Politicians have blood on their hands.  They have protected the violent and ignored the innocent.  Even to this extent; chastising a girl for reporting a woman with a suspicious backpack, who disappeared before the explosion.

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