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Circa finds the real news and now you can get it too.  More about the illegally gathered and shared data on US citizens.

People are so busy calling Nazi they forget Mussolini and how he came to power.

All the liberal media are saying something like these headlines and then you read down to see their caveat like this: Investigators believe Kushner has significant information relevant to their inquiry, officials said. That does not mean they suspect him of a crime or intend to charge him.

I  watched  the speech Ginaforte made when he was declared the winner.  He looked embarrassed until after he got the apology off his chest.  It was a very good apology.  I wonder if he would have won had it happened a week before the election. Or like I did, did everyone think reporters barging into an office and trying to take over is just too offensive.  He should not have snapped but reporters need to stop being so aggressive also. To listen to the apology  go here.   For the full 9 minute speech go here.

Isn’t this the type innuendo we don’t like when it is used against conservatives or GOP? Ex-CIA Director John Brennan Refuses To Say Whether Russia Holds Damaging Info On Hillary Clinton

Remember the violence in Berkeley when one of the violent turned out to be a Professor?  He has finally been arrested and charged.  via Conservative Treehouse and Breitbart.

After I posted about the 100 days negative coverage on my blog and sent it in an email I am now getting weekly updates from the Shorenstein Center, Harvard Kennedy School.  Interesting that they seem to be following the “only write negatively about Trump” they researched so well.  Read the headlines on their site.

Planned Parenthood has another coverup going on

We are not alone, from The Hill Majority Says Mainstream Media Publishes Fake News.

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