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I wonder how long our new Secretary of State has been riding with Rolling Thunder?

The need for a middle America news network.  We all know this is true.  I do have question, how will be keep it from being left leaning when we all know the major cities are all liberal?

 What!!???  Did the Pope listen to Trump on capitalism?   I wonder if it was something Trump told him?  When I first read this I checked to make sure it wasn’t put out by the satirical site The Onion.

There have been 16 arrested so far in the case of the Manchester bombing.  A very widespread conspiracy is involvedThere is every reason to launch an inquiry into how this was missed by intelligence.  It is a massive lack  of security intelligence.

Hillary’s team is worried “the Resistance” doesn’t see her as their leader.  Why should they?  She is a follower.

Teaching hate,  but it wasn’t from the school, it was from home. Elissa Malespina told she was proud of her 13-year-old son Matthew for not choosing not to take part in the photo

One big reason to Trump the Establishment, but will it ever really change?  Price of Power.  A MUST READ.

It is Memorial Day, a day to remember those who have fallen in battle and other instances of attack on our country and way of life.  And to remember all who have gone before.

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