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Most of you are old enough to get this quote.  “White man speaks with forked tongue”  Don’t be confused, I DON’T mean Ted Cruz here.

One of the Gitmo detainees arrested in French ISIS cell.  I won’t allow myself to say what I really think about this.  Not a Christian thought.

From my conservative son who looked into the WaPo’s yesterday news about waivers. I don’t know enough about this but it seems like fake news (deliberate mis-interpretation)      The law: (which says it’s routine for senior Whitehouse staff to get waivers sometimes)       And the waivers — or lack there of  in most cases, I think.  (this last one is a pdf file)

The Post Fact Checkers and the Paris Accord, naturally they disagree with Trump so that makes him a liar.  From Powerline.

I am proud of Trump for sticking to his conclusions in spite of great pressures.

 This comparison of Trump to Claudius is long but well worth reading.  Victor Davis Hanson.

The New York Times is shameful, they do not care who or what they out

Well, this is a surprise. James Hansen on the Paris Accord.                                                        

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