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Hmmm…. looks like this very extremest liberal recognizes that focusing on Russia is not in their best interest. Are the worms turning?

US College Campuses are hotbeds of Anti-Semitism.

Dr. Ben Carson was raised in poverty, he lived through it and rose above due mostly to the attitudes his mother instilled in him. It is possible he knows more about poverty than any researcher. He has been studying it all his life. Maybe instead of trying to refute his ideas this author should have looked for people like him who rose above it and studied them in contrast to those who did not. This is a once sided study, that is not scientific.

A report on Fracking in Texas  apparently the only harm it does is to the roads.  I could have told them that part.

Well, well, well.  The Atlantic is telling on itself, or its subscribers, the liberals.

Bad news for the climatistas.

Two stories of the Trump investigation scandal, the scandal is the investigation.  This one asks if they’ve gone too far.  This one echoes the gone too far line.

Yesterday’s I sent the email links t through my ATT account.  The gmail account rejected them immediately.  One of the problems Google advised me, could be fixed by making a Google Group and making everyone join in.  I don’t plan to go that route.  I’m giving the gmail account another try, If it doesn’t work, the ATT account may become the default account.

The list email was rejected immediately, so I will be using the ATT email account.  If that fails I hope I will be able to just send the one link to this blog address.

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