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Wow, CNN messed up big time.  They had to retract and apologize, no one now is allowed to even post anything Trump on social media, let along on a news site, without checking with the higher ups.  I’ve got it on now to see what in the world they are finding to talk about.

The modern usage of language by liberals.

The Administrative Threat.

AS PROMISED, TRUMP IS “GOOD FOR THE BLACKS:” Black unemployment at lowest level in 17 years. “Black unemployment has been on the decline since February — falling from (February) 8.1, (March) 8.0, (April) 7.9, and (May) 7.5 percent, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.”  from Instapundit.

The Anti-Trump leaking campaign is damaging America and her allies.

Dream Machine Conservatism is the New Punk.  I know one of those conservative musicians from Nashville.

While most of the media was finding ways to get rid of him, President Trump has signed 40 pieces of legislation.

Civil Asset Forfieture: Where Due Process Goes to Die

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