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What!!??  You mean the Republicans aren’t trying to kill the poor?

Oh, Ms. McCaskill, what have you done?

In case you hadn’t heard, Sarah Palin is suing the New York Times.  I hope she wins this, it is a hard thing to do for a public figure.

Climate change, humans and fires around the world.   This work highlights how humans can shape global fire regimes,” David Bowman, a global wildfire expert and professor of environmental-change biology at the University of Tasmania who was not involved with the research, said in an email. “Realistically factoring in humans into global climate change and global carbon dynamic projections has always been difficult, and this work demonstrates that this difficulty must be more thoroughly addressed to create plausible scenarios of Earth system change.”   Un huh, told you so, there are too many variables to factor in to have a reliable, plausible scenario for an accurate model.

Have we been hurt by our own NSA?  Apparently so.

Good grief, I do not remember hearing this about Joe Scarborough at all. I’ve always thought he was a little on the sleazy side, but not this.  I got to this link from this story.

Another Schindler type has saved little girls from ISIS.   from another Ace of Spades link.

The MSM’s credibility took another hit today, as the New York Times quietly issued a correction about their claims that all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies agreed that the Russians ‘hacked’ the 2016 presidential election. The REAL number is only 4 agencies held such views.

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