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If anyone thinks these mentally ill, unstable, and just plain liberals making threats should not be taken seriously they need to watch this. Yes, he is very unstable, how many more are out there?

We didn’t really need a study to show us the media is obsessed with trying to find a Trump/Russia link.

Project Veritas has caught some nasty people on tape on what they think about Trump and his voters.

From Bookworm Room :Contrary to the Progressives’ hysterical refrain that people WILL die if Republicans even touch Obamacare, facts show that under Obamacare people DID die.

European Socialists medicine does not respect the wishes of the parents of a dying baby. A death panel in Action.

The GOP’s Better Care ACt is better than you think. Also read this: Reports of Medicaid’s Demise Greatly Exaggerated.  And Powerline had this where they give 4 Pinocchio’s to the AP.

You probably heard a lot of vitriol about Trump’s tweets.  But did you ever hear or see what he was responding to?  Months of degrading comments by Mika and Joe and the company they keep.

Ted Cruz has a plan to solve Obamacare’s Big Problem, But can it pass?

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