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Al  Franken just doesn’t give up on believing fake news.  Or in trying to spread it.

These protestors were wearing microphones.  Who were they working for?

Bret Stephens is at the New York Times as their token conservative.  A Never Trumper he is digging himself an even deep hole.  As we southern ladies say, “bless his heart.”  Meaning, poor soul he is just too dumb.

Donald Trump doesn’t bluff.  Read the article, but I think the man knows how to bluff like a pro.

George Clooney has found the safest place for his new little children…. the good old USA.  Safety from Muslim immigrants takes on a whole new meaning when you have children.

The Deep State Exists and is trying to bring down Trump.  Many people do not need that explained to them, those who do will not believe it.

These crazy guys at CNN just keep falling for the people recording them from Project Veritas.

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