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Where the real collusion is: Environmentalist vs Fracking. or anything else.

They would like us to think this is a new practice.  I am Protestant but I know the Catholic Church traditions.

Senator McCain has very dirty hands in the Russian  dossier file case.

Good news, and CNN actually ran it.  But not long enough for me to see it there, too much going on with trying to nail Donald Trump Jr to the wall.

DO NOT go against the LGBT hierarchy or you will be punished.

More good news for the Bergdahl  trial.  If Trump had not been elected there would have been no Bergdahl trial.

From Townhall, The Atlantic publishes all you need to know about the left.

Another Dead Horse, another beating, via

Sarah Hoyt has no sympathy for the Poor Darlings, whose candidate did not win.

How a highschool newspaper scored an interview with the Secretary of Defense.

The USPO paid overtime for workers who took off to campaign for Hillary.

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