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You probably didn’t hear this from the other networks, Antifa terrorists threatened to murder Trump official’s family after Democrats say she is Russian.  She is Ukrainian.

Donald Trump’s arrival at the US Women’s Open in New Jersey on Friday delighted spectators

Re: Illinois, Marching to the Poorhouse.

The Never Trump Outrage of a Disappointed Elite and even more telling is this one: The one Sentence that explains Washington’s Disfunction.

Democrats refuse to see voter fraud, they cannot believe the true facts, especially since they lost.

Edward R. Murrow on the Media

Beware the global cooling.  This could turn out to be bad news.

While yelling Fake News at each other, we are pretty much the same in looking for it.   More about it here.  And here.

The Democrats never stop trying to take away conservative rights to free speech.  They could if they come to power again.

This mother will never get a mother of the year award from me. I hope her sons still love her.

I must quote this from Instapundit: ARSONIST TIRES OF SMOKE: CNN’s Camerota says she has Russia fatigue.

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