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We all thought it was suspicious that Justice Roberts changed his opinion late in the day, and Justice Scalia was furious.  Now this is coming out, looks like he probably was blackmailed, about what I’m not sure.  At the time is was suspected his adoption of his children might not have been on the up and up.

The New York Times thinks we should think like them. They  don’t like it that we have our own sources now.

Sometimes if you are paranoid, someone is out to get you, and sometimes conspiracy theories  are not just theories, but probable.   As in this case, sounds like someone was playing both sides.

I think the media are trying to do to Trump what the college of Cardinals did to Pope Benedict.  Read what he just wrote for the funeral of a friend.  I was thinking those thoughts last night while reading something the current, very liberal Pope had said.

There are many I know who would call this source Fake News and not bother to read anything from it.  Read about the United Nations Immigration plan.

Here is the same source on one of the people in the Trump/democrat tangle.

An Essay on the Impersonators of God.

The Russian Collusion Story, the Acme of Fake News, in which Clarice Feldman quotes one of my favorites on why Russia wouldn’t be happy with Trump.

The Church of Liberalism.  He/she sees the wrong but doesn’t  realize how to come in from the cold.

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