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Check out these charts on the temperature, actual temps that is.

The Times they are achanging. Richard Fernandez gets to the meat of the matter.

The left is already preparing tomorrow’s fake news.

A scandal isn’t a scandal when it’s a democratic scandal.

Russia didn’t interfere in the elections to help Trump but to destabilize America.  Boy is it working out well for them.

JFK and pre WWII admiration of Nazis.  Fascism was to be admired.

Scott Adams tells us how to fix healthcare.  Better than congress.  Watch the video.

Collusion Confusion, words mean things.

Those leaked Podesta emails are still good for proving corruption.

Have the Russian stories failed so badly they are starting in on Trump’s weight?  More here.

Claremont College is cracking down on the protestors who shut out free speech.  Do you think it is enough?

This is a fun (sorta) read.  Swampland’s Ten Commandments.

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