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The Key Facts about Slavery that the Left ignores—  meaning most high school and university books.

Truer words never than what is said in this article. He fights! With Donald Trump, this all has come to an end.  Donald Trump is America’s first wartime president in the Culture War

The Philly Archbishop is speaking out on American Catholics being called racists bigots by the church in Rome.

The New York Times doesn’t want Dershowitz’s opinions known.

JUST IN: DOJ new asset forfeiture policy – police can seize property from people not charged w/crime even in states where it’s been banned.   White men speaking with forked tongues. (I hope you are all old enough to understand that quote.)

Remembering Ted Kennedy for what he really was.  (scroll to last item in the post.)

La Raza is changing its name, but not its objectives.

from Instapundit: BUT THE NARRATIVE! HHS analysis finds Cruz amendment lowers premiums, boosts enrollment.

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