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A Charlie Gard situation could happen here.

Does the Louisiana Democratic Party know where it would be without President Jefferson?

So far the Russian disinformation program has worked brilliantly.  I’ve been saying this but VDH has a much more authoritative voice than I do.

How much goalpost moving should be tolerable in the Trump-Russia collusion investigation?

Well, boo hoo for Podesta, that company he got 75,000 shares from, a Russian connected company, during Hillary’s Sec of State term of office, has collapsed.  After Hillary wasn’t elected all those who hope to benefit withdrew their support.

This is a long list of what happened under Obama’s watch.  It’s Much Worse than we Feared.

On the other hand Trump has done this.  And Gateway Pundit has this list of accomplishments.

We don’t need more Republicans we need more conservatives. from a post on Ace of Spades blog.

ICE is sending added support to “Uncooperative Jourisdictions“,  that would be sanctuary cities, counties and states.

This could be a very serious, prolonged cold spell, 100 years is a long time.

Whoa!  Obama had a secret plan to use military at polling places on election day.

Jeh Johson gives Trump credit for less illegal immigration. But, of course, he is not pleased about it.

Who is guarding the guardian? Mueller, Comey, et. al.

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