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I guess both sides can leak information on investigations.  This investigation on those smashed computer drives of Debbie W Shults seems to get no publicity.

The Gards are giving up on the baby being helped.  In the beginning the treatment might have worked, now we’ll never know because of all the time spent in court trying to free him from the socialist system.

I hope this writer is correct,  maybe we can get more of what we voted for from the recalcitrant Republicans.

I feel the same way about Jeff Sessions, I would fire him over the forfeiture idea, too.  But of course, it is a back time to do that.

The left is determined to sink the Trump presidency.  That would sink ordinary Americans, too.

Trump tweets that Washington is not a swamp, it is a sewer, and he is right.

The Republican National Committee is trouncing the Democratic National Committee when it comes to raising money, especially from small donors.   The author, Byron York, talks about why the Democrats aren’t raising money, but he neglects to say why so many small donors are giving to Republicans.  Do you think it might be they are fed up with all the drum beating against Trump?

About that UT gun carry thing?

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