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If you are conservative you may have heard about this.  Liberals may not be up to speed on the IT people from the DNC who made of with millions and probably some state secrets, as well as the DNC emails.  Here’s Paul Mirengoff of Powerline on the DNC and the Iwan’s.

An article on the “transgender military conflict.”  I agree with this article.  And I will go on to say I believe the term gender came into use so we would forget, and some don’t seem to know, that gender is a grammatical term and sex is a biological, scientific word.   There are some anomalies who are born with neither sex, but that is not who most of these individuals are. Funny how the liberals want us to be “scientific” with climate change and not with “gender.”

What if the Trump Sessions feud is one big charade?  Hmmmmm…. head fake?

Sarah Palin is going after her defamers.  About time.

Feds subsidized nonexistent tenants.   And spent $803,633 in fraudulent subsidies.  A drop in the bucket of what has been squandered overall.  But those drops add up to a flood.

Beware the Deep State, they have done coups and who knows what else.

How deep are the conspiracies, watch this and tell me what you think?

These are some links from Ace of Spades you might find interesting.

Mexico is responsible for the horrible human smuggling tragedy, and that is not just the latest murder in a hot truck event but all the many others we never hear about.

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