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At least Judicial Watch is on the case, they have filed three lawsuits for info on FBI acting director McCabe. You might want to just link their site to see what all they are doing.

I hate to say this of a man who is battling brain cancer but perhaps John McCain has done his last damage to the GOP and it was a major blow.

What happens when the grid goes down, just a small sampling, but it is critical to some.

Someone needs to tell the mainstream media that Twitter isn’t the be all, end all of news.

The IRS hasn’t purged all its demons,  my question is, “has it purged any of them?”

Yes, that actually means FBI Director James Comey was using propaganda commissioned by Russia to attack Trump, as the framework to launch his FBI investigation into candidate Donald Trump and Russian collusion.   Is anyone who isn’t a liberal surprised at this?  Do the liberals even Know? I doubt MSN or CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS ran with the story.

Politicians around the world seem not to realize the digital reality of hacking.

Where the Scandals Really Are.

Are FusionGPS and Venezuelan  client Derwick Associates still up to making trouble?  Of course.

Scott Adams is optimistic that we can get a better health care system.

And in another article about the testimony in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the Foreign Agents Registration Act Browder was clear that he believed Russians paid Fusion GPS to conduct the anti-Magnitsky Act campaign. And of course, Fusion GPS was also behind the Trump Dossier. And that left Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham with lots of questions.

“The group that did the dossier on President Trump hired this British spy, wound up getting it to the FBI. You believe they were working for the Russians?”

“In the spring and summer of 2016 they were receiving money indirectly from a senior Russian government official,” Browder answered.

I think that is about all for today.  There is much more to explore but I know I don’t like to get too many links so I’ll try to keep this from being too long.

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