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It is a rare moment with the Washington Post when they seem to agree with Republicans or Conservatives  on anything.  This time it is an editorial on a local $15 minimum wage.  Let’s hope they’ve read Walter Williams on this.

Racial minorities engage in “competitive victimhood” in a quest for recognition of past sufferings such as slavery and colonialism, according to a new research study published by Belgian professors.

What can we say, John Brennan is not to be trusted.

This compares to the saying “out of the mouths of babes,”  trust a baby or a real worker to tell you the truth.  A Chesapeake Bay crabber tells Al Gore the sea level hasn’t changed since he started crabbing in 1970

It is hard to hold the press accountable for their sleazy actions, Sarah Palin is having a hard time of it.

You know the lefties heads are exploding over this: Justice Dept. takes on college admittance and race.

What would we do, where would we be without Judicial Watch?  Their latest on the Clintons.

Paul Ryan visited the border, read what he said.

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