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Good little girls and good little boys are being taught to protest, not a good thing.

The truth about transgender in the military, from a transgender who is retired military.

Proving the truth of his memo.

The Long Short Leash Political correctness runs amuck in the USA and in China.  Not a good way to run things.

Scary news from the Washington Post, and it isn’t fake news- North Korea is currently making nuclear weapons.

 Emails from a reporter for the New York Times to government employees obtained exclusively by Breitbart News demonstrate that the newspaper’s employees are not just on the receiving end of leaks, but are actually soliciting government employees to become leakers.

I hope they stand strong on this: Army refuses to scrub Confederate names from Brooklyn base

There is new advice on your passwords. It’s a little like the heart health medical facts turned upsidedown.

I cannot send this around too often.  The Democrats plan to destroy Trump.

IowaHawk (David Burge on Twitter): Journalism is about covering important stories. With a pillow, until they stop moving.

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