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Temperatures cooler now than when Al Gore won the Nobel Prize.   Related article: Is Summer over for the Northeast?  The articles says there may be warmth in store for September, didn’t we used to call that Indian Summer?

Public beach access confirmed in California. Here in Rockport we lost access a long, long time ago.

Elizabeth Warren’s  senseless hold on a nominee.  She is also adamant that the Dems not move to center.

The media loves to associate Trump with haters whether it’s true or not, but when it come to Democrats, well let’s just say, not so much.

The Plague is rampant in fleas in Northern Arizona Counties.

Hmmm… I wonder why Bannon would be one of the leakers?

Why did it erupt in Charlottesville?  I’m still wondering about that. Be sure to scroll down to this: What it was like on the ground at Charlottesville

I did not know the Antifa was formed in Germany in the 1980’s.

Someone needs to ‘splain this to Mark Zuckerberg, he clearly doesn’t know as much as he seems to think he does about “climate change.”  And BTW I think the promoters of that term now want to change it to “extreme weather.”

Also this: IPCC Knew from Start Climate Data Inadequate

A little over a year ago President Obama let N Korea  know “We could, obviously, destroy North Korea with our arsenals”

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