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Allen West has a very good post on his take on the Charlottesville event.  I’ve een multiple sites saying Soros money is behind this.  Also some posts on facebook showing a Crowdsource ad for people  to be paid for protesting.

Zuckerberg does not allow people who go against him to be on Facebook.

I had to laugh at Trump’s response to this.

If you read down into this story from the New York Times you see they admit Black Lives Matter and others were counter protestors, but of course, they see nothing wrong with that.

My friend’s blog post.  She is a noted black conservative in Bloggerville.

A Former FBI agent points out how Comey botched the Hillary investigation.  Did he botch it or was it just a sham investigation in the first place.  I have my opinion.

I hope the threat to Trump is not as serious as this sounds.   Shades of the JFK conspiracy theories.

I like this title.  Will Democrats Bet That Their Party Can Fly With Only A Left Wing?

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