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I cannot believe that CNN actually did this, Calls out Hillary’s pastor for plagarism, but then when I read the article I see it was really just a small update. Nothing to see here, move on along.

Is the Left waking up? Is it too late?  The Atlantic dips it’s toes in the water of explaining the Antifa. But it paints a broad brush in trying to show that among Trump supporters many are racists.  CNN is not so bold, they can’t quite bring themselves to say it is a violent group.

The Associated Press has to print this news, but notice they cannot do it without taking a slam at “Bellicose Trump.”  So, okay it seems that the Trump administration has been in talks with N Korea for months.  But they didn’t mention that bellicosity sometimes gets you this. North Korea Backs off Guam Missile attack threat.

A Federal court has ruled the  state of Arkansas can block Planned Parenthood money.

Sarah Hoyt puts it in perspective. The Fringe

The  Anti-Trump Boubons : Learning and Forgetting nothing in time for 2020.

Statues of Limitation  by Steven Hayward in Powerline.  This is a good one.

My friend Juliette Akinyi Ochieng who blogs as Baldilocks, is a black conservative.  Here is one of her posts: Twin Pathologies: White Guilt and White Anger.
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