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This is economics and I am not well educated in higher economics, but some of you are and can understand the whole study.  I’ll just choose to believe the headline.  Cutting Obamacare Subsidies Would Benefit Poor, Says CBO

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe said police found weapons stashed by white nationalists. Police say they didn’t.  In this case liberals will probably choose not to believe Reason Magazine.

Just who is this guy who caused all the trouble.  Was this a Dem/Prog/Soros inspired and paid for stooge?  An orchestrated attack on Trump and you and me?  It’s beginning to smell like it.

The Menendez corruption trial.

When I read about this video I thought it was from a small, local station somewhere, apparently it was on the major show with a national anchorwoman.  I  was shocked they showed the Trump supporters.

Scott Adams on How to know when you’re in a mass hysteria bubble.

The Kristol Crackup  Bill Kristol  is still hurting that his Anti-Trump stance wasn’t followed by American voters.

Apple funds left wing hate group.  As it turns out it seems all left wing groups are hate groups.

Confederate Monuments are to stay at Gettysburg Battlefield.  I wonder if this would be true if there were a Democrat president.  Of course if there were, none of this would be happening.  It is an anti-conservative, anti-republican, anti-Trump display of hysterics.

When a liberal boycott backfired.  At last a little glimpse of good news.

Go to this link to see the time and how much of the eclipse you will see in your area.

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  1. “Cutting Obamacare Subsidies Would Benefit Poor, Says CBO”:
    “If Robert, Jenny, David, and Katherine would benefit from terminating CSR subsidies, who would be the losers?
    Under CBO estimates, the answer is straightforward: federal taxpayers. CBO finds that terminating CSR subsidies would add $194 billion to federal deficits over the next ten years. ”
    All I needed to know.

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