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The Arrogance of people who think they can change the climate.

At least, or is that at last, we elected a president who doesn’t plan, or have to plan, to enrich himself with speeches or other graft while in office our out of office.

Facebook kept many of us in touch during this hurricane crisis, but for many it is NOT their friend.

Security officers who survived Benghazi say Clinton’s team silenced them

I missed this piece of news on the hurricane hawk, sweet, isn’t it?

Something can be done about this non-profit rental abuse on the local level.  This publicity should help a little.

So they wire tapped Trumps campaign manager, maybe.  One of many articles about this.  Would you believe my dyslexic brain and fingers actually put what the brain was thinking?  I first wrote wire trapped.  Good enough.

Dianne Feinstein says there is no evidence Jared Kushner helped the Russians purchase Facebook ads

Well, this is interesting.  Sally Quinn (she’s sure you know who she is- in case you don’t she was first the mistress of, and then second wife of Ben Bradlee of the Washington Post), anyway, she thinks she killed 3 people with black magic.

I had not seen this before.  The police are protesting the protesters.

I saw this before it was commented or used on WUWT. My opinion is it reinforces both liberals and conservatives “beliefs” in their beliefs.  Both sides think it pertains only to the other side because “we” know the truth.

On the other hand this person seems willing to at least give the other side a look.

I’ve been out of the loop so to speak, maybe the MSM ran with this article on AntiFa, but I know a lot of liberals who still haven’t heard of the group and don’t believe me when I tell them what it is.

One of the best quotes from Trump’s UN speech: “Venezuela has failed not because socialism has been badly implemented but because it’s been faithfully implemented”

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