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 This taking the knee thing. Will this wake us up? Finally? The bread and circus aspect of life has been building for years. This is just a question we should think about, and one I am just now trying to comprehend. I have been calling high school football “bread and circuses ” for years but only seeing the circus part. Have we also been handing out too much bread? I never thought about that part of it, but is that what has made so many of us, any race or creed, feel entitled. And by the way, I do not follow sports, I do not know who this writer is, and I for sure do not agree with his tripe.

This coach is way out of line.  Imagine asking a veteran to not stand for the flag and pledge.

The Spreading Cloud – of identity politics.  And another by the same author on “identity nations”.

Of course you will not be hearing much more about that killer in the church, he wasn’t white, he wasn’t right wing, he wasn’t an American, so we just don’t get all the facts that would support Trump’s ban on travel from some nations.

Clarence Thomas Finally has A Place in the Smithsonian African American Museum.

Puerto Rico’s Governor defends Trump

Whoops, don’t make the truckers mad by taking a knee.

LeBron thinks the president is trying to divide us. I don’t think  that says much for his intelligence.

How the Supreme Court ruled on Trump’s  travel  ban without ruling on it.

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