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The Washington Post is never embarrassed. This story is about being caught out and having to change a story, not apologize, they are never embarrassed.

If the Cubans didn’t cause the problems for the American families, who did?

Oh, okay then.  The Dems say Awan was just downloading kids homework assignments, at least he didn’t say the dog ate the homework.  Espionage is a hard thing to confess.

Those facebook ads the Russians bought were apparently in support of Hillary  I tried to link the WaPo post quoted by had to dig through a huge search to do it. Most had screen shots of it.

Kneeling as Physcodrama therapy for rich, black and guilty. Umm…. maybe so.  See also Kneeling for a self deceiving lie.

Obama makes millions from banks and financial speeches– the media doesn’t notice.

Did you watch O’Reilly on the Hannity show last night?  I did, I wasn’t a regular viewer of the O’Reilly show or Hannity but this was too special to miss.  I wonder about the background that went into it.

ESPN is really in trouble, I never watch it and resent paying for it.

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