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Getting Ready for Judgment Day

I am not an economist but I trust some of them more than others.

The Russians impersonated Muslims to ferment chaos in the election.  But did anyone believe any of that?  If so it makes me think we should.have an intelligence exam for voters.

It paid to be friends of Chelsea Clinton,  To date, the Long Term Strategy Group has received $11.2 million in contracts, according to USAspending,gov, a government database of federal contract.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg really, really needs to retire.  She thinks misogyny and sexism played a role in Hillary’s loss to Trump, but apparently that did not apply in a loss to Obama.

One of the Idiot Dem clan, she has no idea what a crime she has committed. She will be lucky to get only 9 years for treason.

It’s not a Katrina, it’s a distribution problem, but the media keeps trying to blame Trump.

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