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This article by Peter Hitchens is interesting, but even more interesting is the side article titled: It’s not just Corbyn’s advisers who have communist links.

The plans to turn America Socialist/Communist is so deep it is almost unbelievable, but it is a work making very good progress, thanks in part to people like the predator Harvey Weinstein and his ilk.

Victor Davis Hanson, an historian of the past and of the present,  Status Quo Blues.  National Review is also posting parts of his new book on WWII.

Pamela Geller on why we cannot trust the FBI.  I’m afraid it is thoroughly corrupted and we will never know how deeply.

I put this aside last month but after the revelations of sex scandals this month it is a little more pertinent, and makes one wonder if the so called fake news of Democrats and child abuse might not be real news.

Speaking of the Russians, I suspect this is one item you won’t see on MSNBC, I haven’t watched news shows so I haven’t see it anywhere. Obama and Russian bribery before the days of Trump. My title not theirs.  I’m guessing the author of this silly article in Newsweek either had not hear of the bribery before this or thinks if it is Democrats it just doesn’t matter.

Soros means business and has turned over $18 billion to change America to socialism.

The abuse of young boys in Hollywood and the entertainment industry was also an open secret.

Uh oh, Claire McCaskill gets FOUR Pinocchio’s from the WaPo Factchecker. She must be out of favor.

Comey was a Clinton man all the way.

I doubt the WaPo will be doing any factchecking on this showing Obama did not call Kelly when his son was killed. Former President Barack Obama did not personally call Gen. John Kelly, a Marine General who had commanded a multinational force in Iraq, when his son got killed in action in Afghanistan, according to an administration source.

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