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While some MSM channels find nothing to say about the big news about the dossier, there is a lot on the internet.

This one has a timeline.

This one says the liberal elites are willing to sacrifice the Clinton’s on the altar of Get Trump and make it look non-political.  Not an easy task.

This one shows the “New DNC” is distancing themselves from the old mean  DNC.

The Wall Street Journal has this, it is behind a paywall, but you might want to google it and see if there is a link that will give the whole article.

The FBI was very involved in this.  James Comey should wind up in a federal prison.

The Washington Post’s take on what it means.  It seems pretty factual but you would never know from reading the other articles on the Post’s website that are all against Trump.

Here are some numbers on the degree of bias in the “Russian” reporting.

And this article is about an American Uranium firm bankrupted by the Democratic administration.

Two top social media sites have their long swords out to stop Prager U.  It makes me think Prager U has been making some common sense headway.

The DOJ and the liberal slush fund  is finally exposed as real. The swamp is deep.

There is a reason conspiracy theories are formed and the Las Vegas event  shows us some of them.

I have concentrated on the big news of the day, week and possibly year.  This sentence is all you will read by me about Flake.

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