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Investigate this.  The real problem for the intelligence community and the DNC  and the Trump Dossier.

The JFK files and Bill Ayers.

What is the Sacred to the Modern Left?

Google should practice what it preaches on net neutrality.  And all of social media Faceboook is censoring conservatives, also.  I don’t mess with twitter much but I understand they have stifled conservative tweets on some prominent persons also.

There are many blogs I used to go to daily. I still visit many sites but there are, or were just too many blogs to read them all. Tonight I decided to visit my old haunts and found this.

Here is Betsey’s Page in which we learn how deeply the MSM are helping the Kremlin in distrupting America.

This is Stacy McCain and sidekick Smitty. on Halperin and the Soros connection.

UH OH!  Never Trumpers are caught in the pre-Dossier, at least they say it is pre-Dossier.  More about this at Ace of Spades.

A physicist says Global Warming has become a religion,  I’ve been saying it for a long time, but then I am not a a Nobel Prize winner.

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