Links and Comments from several days

Thousands attended protest organized Russians on Facebook.

Podesta’s downfall sends shock waves through K Street

More and more  about that tangled web they wove.  We have a broken FBI.

Politico Hides Fusion GPS Employment Of Key Source  by Mollie Hemingway in the Federalist.

Research on the most resent terroist.  And here.

China and South Korea, Trump’s foreign policy is working.

Andrew McCarthy has views on the Manafort and Gates indictment.

The Washington Post actually gave the Dems 4 Pinocchio’s  on their tax cut stance.

About those Osama bin Laden papers.

Press insider is concerned about the direction of “journalism.”

In spite of Democratic opposition two conservative women were just comfirmed as federal judges.

Donna Brazille’s book is being talked about on Rush.  I read that excerpt, there are tire marks on Hillary.  But Donna can’t get to far away, she went on to feed her questions in advance on the debates.

More on that Uranium One deal from Obama/Clinton.

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