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I was been out of town for a week, am going again tomorrow, but I will try to keep you up to date with some links.

I have thought for a while that all the sexual harassment outings have as their ultimate goal, the resignation of Donald Trump.  Seeing the outrage directed  at Al Franken to resign convinces me this is so.  Franken  has always been a buffoon, every joke he has written or acted out has a sexual connotation, what is new about him?  Nothing.  He continues as usual but is being asked to resign.  I know some of the accused harassers are horrible, but Franken has always been what he is, no one has accused him of a private violation that expects sex of any kind.  I hate to stick up for a man like him, I dislike him intensely, but I do not think he should be put in the same category as a Weinstein or even Rose or Conyers.

Where has social media brought us?

If you didn’t hear about this insult to Star Parker you can see it here.

The end of Prestige.  All too true.

Mark Levin will have a weekend show on Fox.

The FBI informant about the uranium scandal.

A second person says Nelson is lying about Moore.

An IRS whistleblower is being punished.  Koskinen did the same and nothing happened.

This article is about the women predators

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