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Is the LA Times throwing  Special Prosecutor Mueller under the bus, are they getting ready for a denouement?

We’ve often wondered exactly how the recyclables we put out are handled. We may have to change what we can recycle.
The NYT has a Facebook icon on this. I hope that means you can read it without trouble. If you cannot let me know and I will cut and paste for you to read it. Can you tell, I’m actually spending time perusing NYT so my account will not be bought in vain.

One of my pet peeves is how hallowed Halloween has become. More than just millennials have fallen under it’s spell.  The Yuppies and more are going with it, for some it is their favorite holiday.  I find that very sad.

The Democrats and sexual harassment by the numbers.

It was not my intention to make so much of my  links on the sex scandals but this article is interesting.  Why Didn’t we know about that congressional slush fund to pay off the victims?

Violence against transgenders is NOT epidemic.

There may be good news against the evil Planned Parenthood.  I say may, because they seem to just keep going not matter what they do or the number of babies killed and body parts sold.

It’s going to be interesting to see what Time magazine becomes: The Meredith Corporation — the owner of Family Circle, Better Homes and Gardens and AllRecipes — agreed to purchase Time Inc. in an all-cash transaction valued at nearly $3 billion.

Even though many news organizations have not bothered to take notice, I’m sure the people on this list have noticed how well Trump’s China trip is paying off.

From Richard Fernandez, The Problem of Sex.  From Robert Jordan urging Maria to leave with the rest because “what I do now I must do alone” to Rick Blaine explaining to Ilsa that “where I’m going you can’t follow,” sex forms the bridge between a mortal individual and the immortal species. For generations, there has been nothing so masculine as to die for the woman you love. 

But like all powerful urges, sex was dangerous. Only by taming it was civilization possible.

My goodness, but the volcanoes are really showing off.  ALL AT ONCE!





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