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Where, oh where is our Saudi prince gone, oh where, oh where can he be? Jailed into a posh hotel, but not heard from.

Just as California decides it is no crime to pass on HIV, Europe has a growing epidemic of HIV.

About abortion—today I read this, and then I read this.  Both incredibly sad.

The Wages of Inversion— George Orwell was right. Words have been twisted to be the opposite of what they really mean.

One of the Navajo Code Talkers has no problem with the Pocahantas remark, here’s what he said about it.  And here is what a descendant of Pocahantas had to say last Sept.

Congress and its shameful slush fund for sexual misconduct.

The Obama-era Consumer Financial Protection Bureau –593 execs and workers gave to Dems, One gave to Republicans.  Not a big shock!  Today the court agreed the president had the right to appoint Mulvaney.

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