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Feminism, the Fake Indian, the Tragic State of the FBI, and the Flynn Flam – Clarice Feldman

No one objected when celebrities talked trash sexual jabs at Sarah Palin and her daughter.

You may have seen the articles about the anti-Trump bias, and I would bet it was no surprise to you.  More here.  This shows how they go about their business of intimidationWas it all about the Logan Act?

Great Britain and the “dossier” via a “former spook.”  This makes Deep Throat look like a piker.

Trump is not happy with the biased treatment of Flynn.

We can only hope this current sex abuse trend takes out Bill Ayers, but don’t count on it.

Should we prosecute officers of the law who do not obey immigration laws and give sanctuary?

Puerto Rico, what is going on?  Christmas  bonuses of $100 million  to government employees after asking for $94 million in aide?

And Great Britain is funding terrorists?  Come on people of the world, show some sense.

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