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This seems to be open to the public and not behind a paywall.  It is a very important article about Mueller’s tainted agents and investigator, about his stonewalling to congress.

The nepotism fight for Conyers seat has begun.

Has Mueller crossed a red line in the investigations?  According to this, it hasn’t happened. What can we believe nowadays?  How much longer will he persist after stories like this?  He has been shown to be so partisan any decent man would have resigned by now.  Instead he lurches on.

A double standard for Democrats is par for the course.  On the same from National Review.

The true brutality of the sexual harassment we’ve been hearing about.  By VDH who is a very learned man, a scholar and historian, but at heart he is a farmer.

If it is bad news for Dems, it must be good news for Republicans.  I certainly hope so.

Hypocrisy from Mika and Joe at MSNBC  OK, I admit it, this is gossip.  Mika is just so snobblish.

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