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If you haven’t followed the investigation of the investigators you will want to read this, and much more. I will just post links as I happen upon them.  I did watch a small portion of the questioning of the head of the FBI this morning, at one point his face became flushed, probably more with anger than embarrassment.  Wray refused to say yes, it would have been easy to say no, answer must be yes.  This is the part I was watched.

Direct copy from Ace at Ace of Spades: This one, who worked closely with should-be-fired-immediately Rod Rosenstein, met with Christopher Steele and FusionGPS about Hillary Clinton’s oppo file.

This one is from Gateway Pundit, not sourced really so it may just be gossip.

California is being sued by some parents for its lack of literacy and teaching methods.

Richard Fernandez on Obama vs Trump and draining the swamp.

Sweden must be getting serious about who is coming into their country, they are testing them for age, using wisdom teeth and knee joints.

If you didn’t see this on ABC watch this video of the WWII veteran singing Remember Pearl Harbor.  You will need a Kleenex.

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