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Will the Mighty Mueller actually fall?

I am not a lawyer, but Dershowitz is. And he has a lot to say.

The great purge, some justified, some not.

A sickening account of a favored Muslim woman defending a sexual harasser.

Is Wasserman Shultz finally going to be brought to account?  Well, no, only to the  House Intelligence Committee.

The FBI’s Secret State Police, this is looking more and more like the real Deep State.

Oh dear, Obama, Hezbollah and the Awans?  Suspicious anyway. What do you think, is he on to something? Who planted this Obama into our midst?

What if they started a protest and nobody showed up?  Well, Pelosi wanted one but she didn’t show up because only a couple of dozen people bothered to show up.

We seem to be having a little ice age again, only of course, this one is our fault and Climate Change, doncha’ know?  You can read a lot more on climate at

Trumps accuser also wanted to be his makeup artist for the campaign.  I think he could have used a good makeup artist, but she was really wanting to sell her male cosmetic line.

Has Antifa terrorism spread?  I know we cannot blame everything on them but they have gotten by with a lot, at least as the public must see it.  There has not been much coverage of those  who are prosecuted.

Can the members of Congress now claim they were sexually harassed?

We weren’t really wanting to hear of Clinton’s salacious actions?  Okay, so maybe you were, so this is for you.

How much was it worth to produce the “Trump dossier?”

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