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Some interesting news happens when we are not supposed to be watching.

New Report: Was FBI Chief Legal Counsel James Baker Captured By New DOJ Leak Task Force?…   There is probably more on this today, but I may not get to all the news while recovering from the Christmas busyness.

At last someone is saying it but will the MSM? Well, someone did, Time magazine in the past might have mentioned the connection between the lowered life expentancy and Obamacare.

When Fake News uses fake name, or real names not authorized by the person named. A significant number of fake comments appear among thousands criticizing a proposed federal rule meant to prevent conflicts of interest in retirement advice, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis. This is behind a paywall so you may not be able to read beyond what I have quoted. The gist of it is: comments are posted to the government, using someone’s name and email address without the knowledge of the person supposedly posting. It is actually a crime if they would track down who is doing it.

Whistleblowers: The FBI’s Fingerprint Analysis Software Contains Russian Code Sometimes I just shake my head and think, “What Next?” Some government entities are just too unknowing for words in spite of the fact that they think they are so all knowing. You see, I’m not accusing them of doing it on purpose.

If you can’t get justice at Dept of Justice, where can you get justice? Sexual misconduct was condoned.

The long history of the intel communities breaking the trust and backs of citizens.

Brexit did a lot to help the British economy in spite of all the angst.

New Tax Law Takes Aim At Higher Education’s Millionaires Club And there has been a win for conservatives at the University of Virginia.

We can hope the sexual harassment scene in California will force more democrats out of power.

It all goes back to things Bill Clinton did (and she isn’t talking about sexual predation) at the end of the cold war….

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