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 the New York Times has an article on how the intelligence community assured Trump North Korea was years away from where he actually is now.  The C.I.A. and other American intelligence services had predicted this moment would come, eventually. For decades, they accurately projected the broad trajectory of North Korea’s nuclear program. Yet their inability to foresee the North’s rapid strides over the past several months now ranks among America’s most significant intelligence failures, current and former officials said in recent interviews.

I believe the Canada Free Press had stories on this before US publications, but I have not found any archived where I can access them.  Perhaps it was a blog post. Newly disclosed declassified documents from Global Affairs Canada obtained by CBS News reveal Canadian officials were calling incidents affecting American diplomats in Havana, Cuba, “attacks” as far back as April 26 — months before the U.S. State Department

Some haters in Aspen protested having Pence spend any time there for Christmas.

The FBI did everything but drive Hillary’s getaway car.  I like that second sentence in this article by Deroy Murdock.

Seen on Instapundit: IT’S ALMOST LIKE TRUMP KNOWS WHAT HE’S DOING: Tapes Reveal Egyptian Leaders’ Tacit Acceptance of Jerusalem Move.

Some might say Bannon is groveling, I don’t think this piece went quite that far.

The Left Wants to Talk about Mental Health. Let’s Start with Theirs

Establishment media outlets including CNN and MSNBC have helped mainstream a conspiracy theory claiming President Donald Trump is mentally illHe is crazy like a fox, working to undo all the damage Obama has done


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