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Author of ‘Fire & FURY’ Book Admits He Didn’t Interview ANY Of the Trump Administration

This report says Texas is the worst in reporting illegal immigrant deaths in the desert but also has a headline that says TEXAS DEATHS OFFICIAL COUNT: 1,080 USA TODAY NETWORK COUNT: 935  I need an explanation of that.

MAGA  Whoa: Over 1 Million Workers Have Received a Bonus Since The Trump Tax Bill Became Law

Is our FBI full of Pink Panther quality teams, or just this team?

Dennis Prager explains what he has been doing: I needed the time to finish the first volume of the biggest project of my life as a writer, a commentary on the first five books of the Bible, or what are called the Torah in Hebrew.

[….] I have believed all my life that the primary crisis in America and the West is the abandonment of Judeo-Christian values, or, one might say, the dismissal of the Bible. Virtually everyone on the left thinks America would be better off as a secular nation. And virtually all conservative intellectuals don’t think it matters. How many intellectuals study the Bible and teach it to their children?

I don’t watch these events so I cannot say this was any worse than any other. but apparently Kyle Smith does.  About That Golden Globes Fiasco

In the New York Times by David Brooks – The Decline of Anti-Trumpism this may not show up well on your page, scroll down for it.

Bannon is out at Breitbart

So this is all about replacing American voters with foreign-born ones? Huh. You don’t say. Via Ace of Spades.

Millions of dollars were spent by the DOJ in a fight against the Bundys.  All charges have been dismissed and the DOJ prosecutors reprimanded.  After I sent my emails I saw this on Facebook. Rancher Cliven Bundy sues Obama and Harry Reid over “Cruel” treatment.

Political bias goes all the way back to when radio and TV news began.  I don’t know if this lists any radio news persons, but you know its true.  Many of you are old enough to remember even the newsreels at the movies.  The cartoons were propaganda, we kinda, sorta knew that as kids, but they were also racists against the Japanese.

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