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Indictments have been handed out in the Russian Bribery scandal.  One of the things MSM doesn’t want to talk about.  More here.

Speaking up for foul mouthed truths.

I get these Rasmussen reports regularly in emails, to tell the truth I seldom read them.  Today I decided to take a look, maybe you will be interested in what they said this week.

Time to turn over those memos Comey leaked through an unsecure friend. Says the court.

Immigration and the Tragic Sense of life.  This is how I feel about it, compassionate but realistic.

I’ve been sending you links to Conservative Treehouse via Breitbart about the IG investigation of the scandal of the past administration.  Today Conservative treehouse points to Hannity’s wrap up so I am passing it on to you.  But see what Sundance at CT says about it here. He’s got a good “what if?”

The Judicial Rebellion  It makes me almost as angry as the storm over the “shithole countries.”

Coming out as a Republican.

Migrants Fleeing to Canada Learn Even a Liberal Nation Has Limits  May be behind a pay wall but the headline says it all.

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