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What is wrong with people? So what if he described the situations accurately?  There are some horrible places in the world and calling them out for what they are is only truth telling. My opinion and I will add, Why do the liberal think they come here? And why do they think sending illegals and Haitians back would be such a bad thing?  Because those places are exactly what they “might” have been called.

Did Trump really say the s word?

Why are they blaming Trump for a mistake in Hawaii?

 Also Don Surber on the mistake.

Hypocrites extraordinaire. Lyndsey Graham, and then, of course, Dick Durbin, also a known liar.

There is good news for Tennessee on their anti-abortion vote.

Mark Steyn on the Bundy situation, it is a shame on the Justice department.

Facebook is already closing down conservative news site, even when they are not Facebook pages.

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