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I just got so disgusted with the Washington Post bias I cancelled my subscription. Now if I just wasn’t so lazy I would cancel Amazon Prime! I don’t use any service from it except free shipping, If Jeff Bezos could only realize what he is doing to America, the same one that has given him such riches and power.  I consider The Washington Post and mainstream media, a very good attempt at mind control of the masses. Reading comments on articles on the WaPo is like reading high school slam books.

This is a long article, but interesting enough to read to the end.  I Knew Chelsea Manning in Basic Combat Training. Here’s the Story You Haven’t Heard  I just heard her ad, and she says she’s willing to fight!  That will be a surprise to the writer of this post.

If Puerto Rico hasn’t recovered it is not the fault of the USA

Why do you suppose they allowed Bush and now Trump to be portrayed as subhuman, but with Obama it was racist?  Supposedly because he was black. It seems a double standard to me.

Did Robert Mueller and Andrew McCabe hide bribery probe before the Uranium One deal was approved?

S***hole liberalism  “a coastal liberal tweeted on January 2017 that Middle America is “a s***thole with stupid people.”

About those dreamers and the Democrats plans, by VDH

Australia is investigation the Clinton’s and sharing the information.

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