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WE NEED A LOT OF POLLING-PLACE SUPERVISION TO PREVENT THIS SORT OF THING: Overheard at Philly polling place: No GOP votes ‘on my machine!’  direct from Instapundit.

THE PASSWORD IS: LYSENKOISM. Feminist Event Encourages Scientists To Only Pursue ‘Socially Just’ Research: “Got that? They want scientists to only undertake studies and only publish conclusions that will support a radical feminist worldview. Testicular cancer is striking down many men in their prime, you say? Well, don’t you dare invest scarce research money into finding a cure — men already have too many advantages.”  Unexpectedly.(Classical reference in headline.) by Ed Driscoll in Instapundit

Do Americans want a rational immigration policy.

Heritage Foundation Says Trump Has Embraced Two-Thirds of Its Agenda

We all suspected and knew in our hearts D’Sousa was targeted because of his books and movies about Obama, now he has proof.  Be sure to read this one.

The symbolic Doomsday Clock just moved a notch closer to the end of humanity  I haven’t read this, and I really don’t care too, but when I saw the headline I thought, “why would anyone think it wouldn’t be, and aren’t we all moving a notch closer to our end, every single day?”

A little different that the usual politics, I found this interesting.  Some men might not find it quite as interesting. The Nonverbal Communication Gender Gap

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